The Meisters

Modeled after the Masters, its won by the individual player with the low-net total for the 4-rounds.  The leader board is updated daily.  Each round is played to everyone’s course handicap, based upon their handicap index and adjusted for the course and tee boxes played.

Example:  Rob has a 23.3 handicap index.  The first day’s course is tougher than his home course, so his course handicap, as determined by the course chart, is a 26.  His course”par” for the day is 98 (72 plus 26,) and he shoots a 102.  His net score is 4 over par (score of 102, less his course handicap of 98.)  He is +4 for the day.

Meisters History:

1994    North Myrtle Beach              Qualifying Year
1995    Myrtle Beach                           Elimination Year
1996    South Myrtle Beach              Dave Kanarek
1997    North Myrtle Beach               Nick Lygizos
1998    Jacksonville                             Dan Lustig
1999    Tampa                                       Ken Hoffman
2000    Charleston                              Keith Mellovitz
2001    Kiawah Island                          Mark Wolf
2002    Seabrook Island                     Steve Krug
2003    Williamsburg                          Rob Reisman
2004    Biloxi                                         Mark Speidel
2005    Alabama Trail                          Don Fishman
2006    Hilton Head                             Rich Schulman
2007    Las Vegas                                 Inebriation Year
2008    Connecticut                            Hypothermia Year
2009    Louisville                                  Martin Borhani
2010    San Diego                                 Jack Feinberg*
2011    Tunica                                         Martin Borhani
2012    Poconos                                    Martin Borhani
2013    Atlantic City                             Rob Reisman
2014    Las Vegas                                 Bob Larsen
2015    Memphis                                  Derrick Landini     
2016    Cincinnati                                Bob Larsen               
2017    Lake Charles                           Dave Crawford           
2018    Poconos                                   Mike Abt
2019    Ft Lauderdale                         ???                                          

The Ryebread Cup

Modeled after the Ryder Cup, this is a Match Play tournament won by the team (Northshore vs. Citywide) with the most match points after four rounds.  Each daily cart pairing is playing a “best ball” tournament (low net ball for each hole) against the other cart team for a total of 3 match points for the round;  1 for the front nine, 1 for the back nine, and 1 for total.  Twosomes against twosomes have to win 4-1/2 holes to halve the nine, 5 holes to win.  Singles in a threesome have to win 3 points to halve the nine, 3-1/2 points to win, while their opponent twosome has to win 6 points to halve, 6-1/2 points to win.  The tournament board is updated daily.  The team with the most match points at the end of the four rounds wins the Cup, to be held by them for the next year.  Tied holes, where one player from each team ties the best ball of the other team, are “halved” (split.)  Tied 9 hole and 18 hole totals are halved.

Ryebread Cup History:

2002    Kiawah Island              Citywide             25.0 – 23.0      (48 total)
2003    Williamsburg               Citywide             28.5 – 19.5      (48 total)
2004    Biloxi                             Northshore         25.0 – 23.0      (48 total)
2005    Alabama Trail              Citywide              28.0 – 20.0     (48 total)
2006    Hilton Head                 Northshore         18.5 – 17.5       (36 total)
2007    Las Vegas                     Inebriation Year
2008    Connecticut                Hypothermia Year                  
2009    Louisville                      Citywide               15.0 – 9.0        (24 total)                     
2010    San Diego                    Northshore           17.5 – 6.5        (24 total)
2011    Tunica                            Citywide                15.0 – 9.0         (24 total)
2012    Poconos                       Northshore           12.5-11.5           (24 total)
2013    Atlantic City                Citywide                14.0-10.0         (24 total)
2014    Las Vegas                    Northshore           10.5-7.5           (18 total)
2015    Memphis                      Citywide                14.0-10.0        (24 total)
2016    Cincinnati                    Northwhore         13.0-11.0          (24 total)
2017    Lake Charles                Northshore          17.0-10.0         (27 total)
2018    Poconos                       Citywide                15.0-3.0           (18 total)
2019    Ft Lauderdale               ???  

Scorecards are marked before each round with handicap points per hole, adjusted to the lowest handicap golfer in the group.

Example: Don & Kerry (Citywide) playing Rob & Harvey (Northshore;) handicaps for the day:

            Golfer                    Handicap Index     Course Handicap
            Don                             20.0                             22
            Kerry                           24.0                             27
           Rob                              22.0                             24
           Harvey                        33.0                             38

 Don is the low handicapper in this group. Kerry is given 5 strokes (27-22) from Don, one on each of the 5 highest handicapped holes.  Rob is given 2 (24-22), and Harvey is given 16 (38-22.)   Scorecards are marked with a small dot for each stroke on each hole.

Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin

Each par 5 is a “Longest Drive,” (from tee to ball, not ball to pin) and each par 3 is a “Closest to the Pin” (on green, not fringe) contest.  The first foursome out will be provided with flag markers and notecards to place on all par 3’s and 5’s.  Flags should be placed for the next group regardless of whether anyone hit the green or fairway.  Write the name of your group’s winner.  Subsequent groups with a player who beats the former winner should relocate the flag, and write the new winner’s name on the card beneath the prior winner’s name.  Scorekeepers should mark their group’s winner of each of these 8 holes on their scorecard as a backup for lost flags.  The last group in brings up the flags and notecards.

Money Shots

Throughout all 4 rounds, the following shots are $10 “Money Shots:”

  • Sinking any shot from off the green, such as an approach, chip, or a putt/chip from the fringe;
  • any natural birdie (double for a natural eagle;)
  • anyone shooting their handicap par or under on any day.
  • Sandie (up and down in 2 from a trap.)

Scorekeepers should circle and note the scorecard with any winners and turn it in at the end of each round.  Both carts should keep score to ensure competition accuracy.  Any hole-in-one will receive $1 per yard of distance, as marked from the teebox on the scorecard.


  1. Keep all player’s scores on each cart (duplicate,) confirm accurate, turn in after round.
  2. First 4-some places long/close flags, last 4-some picks up and turns in.
  3. All players tee off from same teebox .
  4. Longest drive must be on fairway grass, even if ball out-drove the fairway straight.
  5. Play out-of-bounds as lateral hazard (penalty stroke, drop 2-clublengths in or back on line of flight.)
  6. No improving lies, except for balls in unrepaired fairway divots.
  7. No mulligans (except additional drive off first tee each round.)
  8. No “gimme” putts, except when “in-the-leather” (distance between grip and head.)
  9. Pick up and take a maximum of 5 over par on any hole (8 on par 3, 9 on par 4, 10 on par 5.)
  10. Turn in scores/Ryebread Cup points for each group after each round.

10 Meisters Etiquette Commandments

  1. Thou shalt not take longer than 15 seconds to shoot after it’s your turn.
  2. Thou shalt play quickly, and motivate your group to play quickly.
  3. Thou shalt not play your lost ball ahead of the line where it went out.
  4. Thou shalt not touch the sand with your club while taking practice swings in a trap.
  5. Thou shalt not improve your lie, or improve your lying.
  6. Thou shalt not mark your ball on the green by scooting it forward with the ball marker.
  7. Thou shalt not walk around while others putt.
  8. Thou shalt not stand directly behind the hole chatting while others putt.
  9. Thou shalt not walk on green near hole in line of another’s putt.
  10. Thou shalt not give 4’ putts as gimmes to teammates.

Slow Play

We have a continual problem each year:  the comradery and tournament play causes us to get behind.  We run the risk each round of being moved up several holes (which screws up the tournament) or getting thrown off the course altogether.  Statistics show that if each player in an average foursome takes an additional 10 seconds per shot, 1 HOUR IS ADDED TO THE ROUND!  Add another ½ hour per round for our high handicappers, and we could finish 1-1/2 hours behind the group ahead.  The following tips were compiled from golf articles and observations about our group:

Keeping Pace On the Tee:

  • 1st hole, finish practicing, be ready at tee area 10 minutes before tee time.
  • Other holes, get to tee, hit, and move on quickly.
  • Visually mark your ball location against landmarks to find easier.
  • Watch teammate’s shots; help spot for others.
  • If 1 lost ball, both carts go directly to approximate location and BRIEFLY search.
  • If more than 1 lost ball, search simultaneously alone, not “buddy system.
  • Play “Ready-Golf,” not honors

Keeping Pace On the Course:

  • Avoid sitting in cart watching others. Get to your ball to select club, warm up, line up. 
  • Drop off partner or take several clubs, proceed directly to your ball.
  • Plan shot, select club, practice while others are hitting.
  • Play your ball, then help others with lost balls.
  • Don’t put clubs away after your shot. Get in cart, leave, put clubs away next shot.

Keeping Pace Near the Green:

  • For approach & sand shots, take all the clubs you might need to finish, including your putter.
  • 1st player on the green or nearest the cup parks cart while others play.
  • Drop your cart closest to the next tee box.

Keeping Pace On the Green:

  • Line up your putt while others are putting.
  • Check, then pick up “in-the-leather” gimme rather than marking & putting.
  • Don’t putt a 2nd time after holing out…its actually a penalty.
  • Record scores while driving or at next tee box, not around green. Exit quickly and drive to next tee.

Once it’s your turn to play, there is no excuse for taking more than 15 seconds to shoot.  Avoid excessive practice swings and conserve your strength: statistics show that other than a 1 or 2 swing warm-up, they wear you out and do your rhythm more damage than good.  If you’re falling behind  the group ahead of you, make a concerted effort to catch back up.  Don’t be shy about hurrying up others in your group. 

The most efficient golf takes place while hurrying, ½ hour before sunset.  Play your whole round with that kind of focus.

Now Hurry Up and Enjoy!!!